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Regional Choice Programme

Our regional choice programme gives you the opportunity to decide what part of Great Britain you want to experience. Wherever you are placed, you will be met by our friendly and welcoming host families, and our caring local support coordinators.


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– Beautiful countryside 
– Friendly & welcoming culture 
– A unique experience

Experience Bonnie Scotland! The Scots are renowned for their friendliness and open culture. An InterStudies programme in Scotland is an amazing opportunity to experience the Scottish culture, beautiful countryside, and historic towns and cities.
Most students are placed to the south or north of Edinburgh, in areas including Fife, Perth and the Scottish borders, as well as Edinburgh itself. Placements are often in towns, but some placements can be semi-rural. Wherever students are placed, they will meet friendly and welcoming locals and have a unique chance to experience the stunning Scottish landscape. 


– The home of the English language
– Experience culture and traditions
– A wide range of activities

From the chalk cliffs of Dover to the mountains of the Lake District, the city of London to quaint towns and villages, England has something to offer everyone. Students will experience the cultural diversity of modern British towns and cities, alongside the traditions the British are so famous for.
Students are placed all around England, from the South Coast, through the Midlands and to the North of the country. Placements are often in market towns or in the suburbs of larger towns or cities, but can also be in the countryside. 

Southern England

– The South Coast
– London and other major cities 
– Loads to see and do

Southern England is the region identified by drawing a line from Bristol on the West Coast to the Wash on the East Coast.
Southern England includes major cities such as London and Bristol, stunning national parks, and the southern coast.
Wherever you are placed in Southern England you will have access to a wealth of activities, good schools, and access to both major cities and the British countryside. 




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