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Area choice options: Northern or Southern England

Our area choice options gives you the opportunity to decide what part of Great Britain you want to experience. Wherever you are placed, you will be met by our friendly and welcoming host families, and our caring local support coordinators

Northern England

The Northern part of England is well known for its stunning nature – however the North is also home to major cities, and much more. There are many good reasons to choose Northern England for your exchange:
– Stunning nature – including five national parks
– Major cities and attractions, including Manchester, Liverpool and York 
– A great opportunity to visit less well known parts of the UK

Northern England formed the backbone of the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, with cities like Manchester leading the way with new technology and developments. Today, many of the factories stand still, yet cities like Manchester have reinvented themselved and remain attractive destinations. 
Northern England is also characterised by stunning nature and countryside, with a large number of smaller towns, which often have tight-knit and friendly communities, which provide a welcoming environment for international students. 

Southern England

Many of England’s most popular attractions and attractive areas are found in Southern England. Here’s just a few reasons to choose Southern England for your high school experience:
– The South Coast
– London and other major cities
– Easy access to nature and a wide variety of sports and other activities

Southern England includes major cities such as London and Bristol, stunning national parks, and the southern coast. 
Wherever you are placed in Southern England you will have access to a wealth of activities, good schools, and access to both major cities and the British countryside.  

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