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InterStudies Guardianship

Sending your child abroad to study is a major decision, and reliable local support is one of the most important factors while studying abroad, often very far away from home. With a proven track record and more than 20 years of experience in this field, we take responsibility seriously, offering a high level of care and support to the students we look after to help them achieve the best possible results. 

Our Guardianships are offered nationwide through our teams of dedicated local support coordinators, working alongside our caring and experienced Head Office team, to provide the best possible care and support for your child as well as looking after your needs as a parent. 

We are available to support your child and ensure a safe home away from home during school holidays. We work with a network of selected host families, who are dedicated to making your child feel welcome and comfortable.

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Types of guardianship

Basic Guardianship

Our Basic Guardianship is a cost-effective option, giving access to our dedicated support team and thus letting parents relax in the knowledge that their child has the benefit of someone local to contact while away from home, offering experienced support.  Additional services as well as excursions during half term breaks can be added as and when required.

Standard Guardianship

Our Standard Guardianship programme includes a wide range of services, all designed to offer each of our students dedicated local help and support to assist them in best achieving their full potential while studying abroad.  This type of guardianship is ideal for students staying for a full year or longer. While the Classic guardianship included all the necessary services to ensure a high level of support, excursions during half term breaks can be added as and when required.

Premier Guardianship

Our Premier Guardianship is designed for those, who are looking to give their child the best possible support combined with an extra cultural dimension. In addition to everything our Classic Guardianship programme has to offer, the Premier version includes two half term excursions with other international students.




Expense account

For convenience we open an expense account, when a student is registered as a guardianship student with us.  Basically it is an easy payment system by which we hold and administer a deposit account for any expenses occurring during the programme.

The account is used to pay for anything requested, which is not already covered by the school or guardianship fees. The funds belong to your/your parents, and will only be spent with parental permission.

Examples of charges paid through an expense account:
– Host family accommodation
– Transfers and taxis
– School bedding if needed
– School excursions
– Pocket money
– Holiday Guardianship (when/if applicable)
– Additional visits/meetings (if applicable)

When opening your account, we require a deposit, and during the term we require a certain balance in case of sudden expenses. Should the account balance fall too low, a statement and request for a top up will be sent. A full statement will be provided at the end of each term.
At the end of the guardianship programme we will return any remaining balance after deducting any outstanding charges, such as transfer costs.




Options and fees

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